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10am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday.
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With over 20 years experience in playing, collecting and selling vintage guitars and basses, we are truly passionate about all types of musical instruments.
We understand what makes an instrument playable, collectable, desirable and, crucially, original.
We can offer advice from a player’s, a collector’s and an investor’s point of view.
Ultimately we believe that any instrument, regardless of its value or condition, should be played and we look forward to helping musicians young and old find the instrument that suits them.

We always aim to describe our instruments honestly and to the best of our knowledge.

 Photograph by Richard Sibbald - -

Photograph by Richard Sibbald - -

Guncotton Guitars was started in 2013 by Clement Cachot-Coulom,
 a lifelong music enthusiast and vintage guitar collector.

Clement grew up in Paris and fell in love with rocknroll  in the early 80s. He started playing guitar, bass and piano aged 14 and has been playing in various bands ever since.

“My passion for vintage guitars started from wanting to play the same instruments as the musicians I admired as a teenager: Chuck Berry, the Beatles, Hendrix, Creedence... You just couldn’t find the same models in local guitar shops at the time. So I ended up analysing 50s and 60s pictures and footage nearly as much as music: I figured you needed the gear to get the tone and the look!”

Guncotton is one of the old names for nitrocellulose, the type of lacquer widely used by guitar makers during the golden age of production.

We also speak French and Spanish.
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All our instruments are available to view and play at our Showroom located on Columbia Road in Shoreditch, London.
Please get in touch if you have any questions about our stock or would like to visit us.


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