1960 Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass


Introduced in 1956, the Höfner 500/1 bass was originally made in small production numbers
and sold in only a few European countries.
That all changed in 1963 when a small group from Liverpool became the biggest act since Elvis.
Its lightness, ease of play, deep sound and striking shape has helped maintain its popularity to this day.
With their unique combination of carved solid spruce top, flat back,
toasters pickups and black binding,
1960 models are amongst the rarest and prettiest 500/1 basses.

All original bass from mid 1960 in great condition with some light play wear,
it features an absolutely stunning one piece flame maple back.
Supplied with black reissue German hard case (long discontinued) .



Sunburst Finish
Toaster Pick-Ups
Solid Spruce Top
Flat Back
Vertical Logo
3 Piece Neck
Van Gent Tuners
Pot Codes - July 1960

Condition - Excellent

- Sold -

Hofner 1960 500/1