1962 Vox Phantom Bass

1962 Vox Phantom IV Bass

Jennings Musical Industries -JMI- began production of Vox branded guitars in early 1960.
Their first offerings were simple copies of Japanese made Guyatones or Fender solids which Jennings had started importing to British shores a few months earlier.
By 1961 Tom Jennings was acutely aware that Vox would need its own identity and
commissioned a new and groundbreaking design:
the Vox Phantom has become one of the most iconic guitars the 1960’s.
The earliest production models - The Mark I series - were hand built in small numbers
at the Jennings Factory in Dartford, Kent.
The build quality, playability and sound of the Mark I guitars were excellent and
they stood head and shoulders above anything else Vox was producing at the time. 

This early 1962 Mark I Phantom Bass is in great original condition and
one of less than 100 made during '62 and early ’63.
Its original headstock logo and bridge cover - often missing - are still intact, its satin cellulose paintwork and satin chrome hardware are in fantastic shape for a 55 year old instrument.

UK made Phantoms rarely turn up for sale and Mark Is are the holy grails.
This is a rare opportunity to own a great playing, great sounding piece of UK guitar history.


Black Satin Finish
Pentagonal Body
Single Coil Pick-Ups
Deluxe Bass Tuners
Nickel Bridge Cover

Replaced Bridge and Nut

Condition - Excellent

Price - £2,000